Manners Class Plus Using Clicker Training

What is Clicker Training?

Clicker training is a way to bridge the gap of communication with our dogs. We use a click to let the dogs know what they did was correct (we mark their behavior). Every click is followed by a treat, but it is the click that gives the dog information. No punishment is used, if the dog doesn’t get it right, he doesn’t earn a click (or a treat). Our dogs become happy, confident, and comfortable with this training and start offering up behaviors to earn a click (they start THINKING!).

A few things we will teach our dogs: attention, sit, down, stay, recall, leash manners, plus some fun tricks. Question & answer time will be at the end of every class.



Monday evening classes taught by Liz Drennan, L.V.T., KPA CTP



Wednesday evening classes taught by Laura Perkins, CPDT-KA, M.S. Behavior Analysis. Laura also offers private training, visit for more information.



$125 for the 6 week course, $110 for dogs adopted from Cascades Humane Society, Jackson County Animal Shelter, or other humane society/animal shelter. To register, please call (517) 787-5807, email Liz at, or email Laura at