Training Classes

Manners Class Plus Using Clicker Training

What is Clicker Training?

Clicker training is a way to bridge the gap of communication with our dogs. We use a click to let the dogs know what they did was correct (we mark their behavior). Every click is followed by a treat, but it is the click that gives the dog information. No punishment is used, if the dog doesn’t get it right, he doesn’t earn a click (or a treat). Our dogs become happy, confident, and comfortable with this training and start offering up behaviors to earn a click (they start THINKING!).

A few things we will teach our dogs: attention, sit, down, stay, recall, leash manners, plus some fun tricks. Question & answer time will be at the end of every class.


Behavior Consultations

Dr. Kari Krause, DVM with Great Lakes Veterinary Behavior Consultants is offering behavior consultations at our training building. Please contact her at (734) 454-7470 or to schedule an appointment. Visit her website at