Member Spotlight – Melissa Owings, DVM

When you ask Dr. Owings why she chose veterinary medicine as a career, she immediately responds that veterinary medicine is about people as well as pets. She obviously has a passion for both. Her respect for people has helped grow her relationship with clients and grow her practice, too. About 12 years ago when she purchased her practice, her team was a veterinary technician and 3-4 other staff members. She now has about 20 employees. Dr. Owings was not actively looking to become a practice own- er, but she had an Aha! moment when she was helping a colleague sell a practice. The practice for sale was the practice where she spent time observing before heading to veterinary school. It just seemed right that she should become the new owner.

Cats, Cats, & More Cats | Posted in the Haehnle Sanctuary Newsletter

Cats, Cats, and More Cats
From the Haehnle Sanctuary Newsletter
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There are too many cats in Jackson County that do not have homes. The Jackson County Animal Shelter alone euthanized over 1,500 cats last year. Since this is such a heart-breaking situation, a group of local veterinarians have begun the Jackson Cat Project to spay and neuter 100 cats a year for free.