Our Services

At our hospital, we strive to offer you the complete veterinary experience! Our friendly, welcoming receptionists and office manager strive to offer you and your pet top notch service. The helpful, compassionate veterinary assistants excel at patient care and are happy to go the extra mile by helping you bring your pet in and out of the hospital should you need assistance and carrying out medications and food if necessary. The veterinary technicians and veterinarians complete many hours of continuing education each year and enjoy sharing their information and experiences with you during your visit. We offer the most current and complete medical approaches and look forward to answering any questions regarding specific veterinary needs.



We work closely with a local practitioner for cases which we feel would benefit from a combination of Eastern and Western medicine and chiropractic manipulation.



We offer blood testing as well as intradermal skin testing via a local veterinary hospital for cases warranting a complete approach to severe allergies, as well as dietary management for those dogs with food allergies.



Our patients receive pre-anesthetic laboratory work and physical exams to minimize risks associated with anesthesia and to enable us to choose the ideal and safest anesthetic protocol based on the individual patient. Our patients are monitored by licensed veterinary technicians and veterinarians with many years of experience throughout each anesthetic procedure and we utilize a pulse oximeter, respiratory monitor, electrocardiogram, and supplemental heat source as well as intravenous fluids in our surgery patients.



Cat suddenly urinating on your clean laundry? Puppy seems to be unable to stop defecating behind your favorite chair? Dog is alarmed by thunderstorms and fireworks and hides in the bathtub? We believe that behavior should be included in every medical evaluation performed – behavior changes can be indicative of illness and may reveal information that allows us to improve a patient’s quality of life and prevent damage to the important bond with their human family. We offer a variety of fun classes and counseling regarding multiple behavior issues – please contact us with any questions or concerns about the behavior of your canine or feline family member.



Dental health is critical to overall health in our canine and feline patients. We offer prophylactic cleanings, surgical extractions, radiography, and home dental programs to save your pet’s teeth and minimize subsequent dental procedures.



We promote education not only amongst our adult clients but for children as well. We offer in-hospital counseling for families with new puppies/dogs, kittens/cats, reptiles, and pocket pets. We believe that preparing to make your choice in pets is critical – let us help! We also offer educational experiences for pre-veterinary and veterinary students, veterinary technology students, and high school students wishing to explore the awesome field of veterinary medicine.



We pride ourselves at having significant expertise in geriatric medical issues such as osteoarthritis and cognitive dysfunction. We have many older canine and feline patients who are on arthritis treatment protocols which were designed for each individual patient – and their lives are vibrant and active as a result.



End of life decisions can be painful and difficult, but we are here to help. We will do what we can to provide important information and compassion to assist you with your final decisions, and we will perform house calls for euthanasia for our long term patients. Please contact our hospital to arrange this service 48 hours in advance if possible.



Diabetes, hyper- or hypothyroidisim, hyperparathyroidism, pancreatitis, and cancer. We have treated many cases and have access to the best specialists in Michigan and the rest of the United States for consultations on cases.



Our well-equipped laboratory includes blood chemistry, complete blood cell counts, serology, urinalysis, in-house phenobarbital levels, parasitology, and other in-house tests with timely results. We also work with laboratories all over the United States to do vaccine titers, vonWillebrand’s Factor Antigen testing, MDR1 gene testing (sensitivity to certain drugs in herding breeds), and histopathology of tumors and skin and organ biopsies.



Kibby Park Animal Hospital offers a full-service pharmacy in which we maintain a supply of veterinary-approved medications, heartworm and flea/tick prevention products, and veterinary diets to treat or prevent many common ailments in dogs, cats, and reptiles and pockets pets. We work very hard to keep our prices reasonable and competitive and we appreciate it when you purchase your veterinary products from our hospital.



This is by far the most critical service that we offer – and it will save you money in your pocket over the lifetime of your beloved pets. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…or fur, in our case!!



Our Digital Radiography system allows us to take fewer views, and the radiographs are of excellent quality. This prevents excessive exposure of our staff and patients to radiation and allows us to be able to email top-quality radiographs to specialists. We will also send CD’s of the radiographs with you in case of emergency or referral.



We utilize non-invasive, painless ultrasound evaluations of our patients when indicated. We utilize the services of a veterinary internist who will perform the ultrasound at our hospital for your convenience.